Additional Services and Facilities


Graveside Service

A funeral service held at the graveside coordinated, supervised and attended by our staff.

Memorial Service

A funeral service held at the funeral home in memorial of the passing of your loved one with a picture or possibly with the cremains coordinated and supervised by our staff.

Use of Facilities and Staff for Visitation

A visitation service also known as Viewing Hours, Calling Hours, Wake or Reception may be held at our funeral home or at an off-site location. Our staff coordinates and supervises every aspect of preparing for the visitation of family and friends.

Other Preparation of Body

  • Sanitary care, washing and disinfection when no embalming.
  • Special cosmetics when no embalming.
  • Restorative work when necessary(per hour rate).
  • Extra charge for preparation of autopsied body.
  • Hair Dressing.
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