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Cremation has returned as a common form of final disposition. Cremation is not a new concept. It was practiced in ancient times and has been gaining favor in today’s world. Choosing cremation for your loved one or yourself does not limit the funeral services, it actually increases the service options you have. You could have a wake with the urn and / or picture of the decease or a traditional funeral with the body present, church service, committal prayers at the graveside / chapel with the casket before the cremation. Keep in mind everything is a choice, not a requirement or expectation. It’s what you and your family wants nothing more, nothing less.

The remains of the cremation are referred to as cremains or ashes. Again there are many options available. The ashes may be kept in a decorative urn, shared with other family members using smaller urns or jewelry or combined with the ashes of another loved one. Other options include burying the ashes in the cemetery, placing in a columbarium for people who prefer above ground over burial, comingle ashes with a spouse’s or another loved one’s ashes, placing the ashes in the casket of a love one being buried, scattering the ashes or burying them in a private yard; please note, one needs to check with the local authorities regarding any local restrictions of scattering or burying on private land.

Cremation does have requirements. The legal next of kin must grant permission. Forty eight hours have to pass from the time of death for cremation to take place. The deceased has to be in a cardboard box or casket that is sturdy and combustible. The Medical Examiner must examine the deceased and grant permission. A final disposition permit has to be granted by the local authorities.

As always, our staff is here to discuss all of the options with you.

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